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10, 20, LIFE Gun Law in Jacksonville, Florida

With all of the recent shootings in Jacksonville, Florida over the past years, I have had an opportunity to represent many clients on criminal defense aggravated assault charges as well as attempted murder charges. I have found that many clients do not understand the 10, 20, LIFE rule in regards to guns. So here it is in a nutshell: If a person pulls a gun illegally on someone then it’s an automatic 10 year minimum mandatory sentence in Florida. If that person fires the weapon, it’s a minimum 20 year mandatory sentence.

If the person hits someone with the bullet from the weapon then that person will be facing 25 years to LIFE minimum mandatory sentence in Florida State Prison. The minimum mandatory sentencing guidelines are limiting for the courts in that the legislature takes the power of the Judge to sentence the defendant in any other way than the minimum mandatory guideline. The State Attorney can agree to go below the minimum mandatory guidelines and/or amend the charge, but it is unlikely. If you have a criminal law or criminal defense question and need a criminal defense lawyer, please call our office at 904-868-5665. We will be happy to help you.

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