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DUI Appeals in Jacksonville

Wrongly convicted of a DUI in Jacksonville and think there is nothing you can do about it? Think again!

A DUI conviction will stay on your criminal record for life and can have long term or lifetime consequences in regards to your job, the cost of your insurance premiums, enormous costs, fines incurred and more.

At times, with the enormous work load of the State of Florida Trial Courts, because of human error or perhaps because something was overlooked, you did not get the trial you deserved. If you were wrongly convicted of a DUI because evidence was incorrectly used against you or you were pressured into making a plea of guilty or no contest or other factors you feel which lead to an unjust conviction, you can appeal your DUI, and The Lonker Law Group can help you appeal this conviction.

When you come to The Lonker Law Group for legal representation to appeal a DUI, we will request the transcript from the original trial and closely examine it for any errors, indications of issues or discrepancies in regards to breath, blood or urine tests, unlawful police stops, improper police procedures and/or mistakes made by the judge before or during the trial. After review, it is sometimes feasible to return to the State of Florida Trial Court and present our findings outlining the judicial errors to request a new trial. If it is not possible to achieve what we need from the State of Florida Trial Court, The Lonker Law Group will submit a formal appeal to the State of Florida Appellate Court requesting permission for a formal appeal of your DUI conviction.

If you want to appeal a DUI conviction, you only have limited time to do so. If you feel you were wrongly convicted of a DUI charge, you need a qualified Jacksonville DUI Appeals Attorney to fight your case. Contact The Lonker Law Group, Jacksonville’s DUI attorney.

Received a DUI in Jacksonville? Educating yourself is critical. Read more about what to do if charged with a DUI in Jacksonville.

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