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DUI First Appearance Hearing in Jacksonville

Your first appearance before the State of Florida courts will be the morning after you were arrested for a DUI. During this time, the judge will ask you if you would like to plea guilty, not guilty or no contest. The judge will also ask you if you would like a court appointed attorney.

As a DUI conviction has both short and long term life, financial and logistical consequences it is highly suggested that you have a Jacksonville DUI attorney at your side during this first appearance to help you fight for your rights, and the best possible outcome. If you do not have a DUI attorney with you during your first appearance we recommend that you plead not guilty and call an attorney immediately after you are released.

Also during your first appearance the judge may decide to set a bond as a requirement for your release. If a bond is issued the amount of the bond is dependent upon your prior criminal record, number of previous DUI convictions and perceived flight risk. If you are unable to pay the entire bond, you can work with a bail bonds company that typically requires you to pay 10% of the total bond cost and they will cover the remaining 90% for you. The bail bonds company will not return your 10% payment.

Need a Jacksonville DUI lawyer with you for your first hearing to guarantee the best possible outcome for your case? Call The Lonker Law Group, Jacksonville’ DUI Attorneys, today.

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