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FBI Eavesdropping Outside Courthouse

U.S District Chief Judge Phyllis Hamilton out of Oakland California has ruled that the use of recording devices on citizens outside of the courthouse by the FBI does not violate their Fourth Amendment rights because there was no expectation of privacy on the courthouse steps or nearby areas. These conversations were in normal speaking voices Read More

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Mississippi Discrimination Law Halted

U.S District Court Judge Carlton Reeves blocked a Mississippi Law which would protect people who discriminate against gay couples based on religious beliefs. It was turned down, in part, because it was said that it violates the establishment clause because it promotes certain religious views over others. The equal protection clause was also cited as Read More

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Decision Regarding Children in Illegal Immigration Cases

The 9th District Court of Appeals out of San Francisco has ruled that children who are found with their parents while attempting to illegally enter the country must be returned to relatives. This is actually based on a 1997 ruling and the new opinion applies the ruling not only to unaccompanied children, as it was Read More

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Macy’s Illegally Detaining Customers

A Manhattan Judge, Manuel Mendez, recently granted an injunction in a lawsuit of the retail store Macy’s. Two women are suing the retail giant because they were detained within the store for hours and forced to sign a paper saying that they confess to shoplifting and that they agreed to pay a fine. Criminal charges Read More

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Planned Parenthood’s Future in Florida

New abortion law regarding Planned Parenthood was halted by Florida District Judge Robert Hinkle on the first of July.  The law proposed new regulation on Planned Parenthood making it so that public funds cannot be used in their clinics regardless of its intended use.  Judge Hinkle saying that the Legislature is attempting to impose unconstitutional Read More

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Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements, or Prenups, have a bad reputation in society today though in many situations they can prove very useful. They can be used, as many first think of, to protect yourself in the event of a divorce by choosing to specify what money and assets are shared in the marriage or are personal. Prenups Read More

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Differences in Cincinnati Zoo attack and Disney alligator attack

The story of Harambe, the gorilla who was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo after endangering a young boy, is different legally from the story of the alligator who killed the boy in a Disney park as mentioned in our previous post in a few different ways but the topic we are continuing to focus on Read More

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Is Disney’s Park administration to blame?

On June 14th a boy was killed by an alligator within a Disney park here in Florida and Disney may face legal trouble because of it. The family could sue Disney using an accusation of negligence or a more serious charge of gross negligence if they can prove that Disney was aware of the presence Read More

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At what point is it Police Brutality?

Police brutality requires the use of excessive force which would be a use of force much stronger than that which was necessary to handle a situation. The trouble with this definition is that it can sometimes be difficult to determine what was “necessary” in a situation, and the officer’s opinion and the civilian’s frequently differ Read More

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When can the Police search my property or my body?

As a citizen of the United States your right to deny an unreasonable search of your “persons, houses, papers, and effects” is protected by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. That being said, generally, Police cannot search anything of yours without probable cause, a warrant, or your consent. Probable cause is loosely defined as, sufficient Read More

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