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DUI Defense Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As one of the leading Jacksonville DUI attorney’s I believe in making sure the citizens of Jacksonville and the State of Florida are well educated regarding their rights and the best course of action when defending themselves against DUI charges in Jacksonville. If you were arrested for a DUI in Jacksonville you need the Jacksonville DUI lawyer everyone trusts. Contact me for a free DUI case evaluation.

How can it impact my job if I am convicted of a DUI?

There are many professions such as truckers, those in the military, pilots or other people in different professions in which a DUI can be detrimental to employment. A DUI can cause a person to either lose a job or prevent him or her from obtaining such positions or jobs in the future.

What are the fees involved with a DUI?

There are many fees involved with a DUI. Such fees include increases in car insurance rates, State of Florida Department of Motor Vehicle fees, driving class fees, license fees and other fines and costs. State of Florida law has minimum and maximum penalties for different convictions. Depending on the charges against you, what you are convicted of and how many times you have been convicted of this crime, the judge will determine the ultimate penalty against you based on the range penalties available by law for the charges against you.

Can I do community service instead of paying all of the fines?

Community service is required in all DUI charges. However, in certain situations, additional community service is required for people who cannot provide payment for all of the fees and fines the court requires.

How long do all of the legal proceedings take with a DUI in the State of Florida?

A person accused of the crime of DUI in the State of Florida can expect his or her case to last from 6 months to one year, depending on the level of the charge. If the charge is a felony, it could take longer, but most often, the cases will take approximately 6 months to one year.

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