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Felony DUI

Felony DUI in Jacksonville

The differences between a felony DUI charge and a misdemeanor DUI charge can be confusing. Both DUI misdemeanors and DUI felonies are serious charges in Jacksonville and throughout the State of Florida and as such, should be dealt with by an experienced DUI lawyer in Jacksonville who will work tirelessly to get the DUI felony charges against you lessened or dropped.

As you likely know, a felony DUI charge is more severe than a misdemeanor DUI, and as such, comes with higher fines, penalties and potential imprisonment time. In Jacksonville, and throughout the State of Florida, a DUI is considered a felony if any of the following were involved:

Anyone who receives their third DUI within 10 years
Anyone who receives a fourth DUI
Anyone who receives a second DUI when the second DUI involved serious bodily injury

If you are convicted of a felony DUI in Jacksonville or anywhere in the State of Florida the punishment can be:

Up to 5 years in prison
Up to $5000 in fines

A Felony DUI is a very serious charge that can come with severe short term and lifelong consequences. If you are facing the possibility of being charged with a felony DUI, you need a very experienced Jacksonville DUI lawyer to fight your case. The Lonker Law Group has extensive experience helping people in the Jacksonville area who have been charged with a DUI. If you are facing the very severe penalties of a DUI felony conviction, call the Jacksonville DUI lawyer who knows how to best fight your case and for your rights. Call The Lonker Law Group for a free DUI felony case evaluation today!

Received a DUI in Jacksonville? Educating yourself is critical. Read more about what to do if charged with a DUI in Jacksonville.

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