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Field Sobriety Tests

DUI Field Sobriety Tests in Jacksonville

DUI Field Sobriety Tests are a subjective testing method that State of Florida law enforcement use to determine whether or not you exhibit signs of being intoxicated. There are significant issues with Field Sobriety Tests as there is not a scientific or finite measurement used to measure blood alcohol content and as such, whether you pass or fail this test is entirely dependent on the law enforcement officers’ subjective analysis. DUI Field Sobriety Tests include walking in a straight line, touching your finger to your nose, reciting the alphabet, standing on one leg, walking and turning and other similar tests.

Remember, law enforcement pulled you over as they had suspicions of you driving under the influence, and therefore they will be looking closely for any signs of impairment while you are doing the DUI Field Sobriety Tests that might indicate their suspicions are correct.

The police officers’ testimony regarding your behavior and appearance during the DUI Field Sobriety Test, and at all times while you are in their custody, will be considered significant information by the State of Florida Courts in their decision of whether or not to convict you of the DUI charges. Therefore, it is best that you politely tell the police officer that you do not want to take the DUI Field Sobriety Test and that you would like a lawyer.

A seasoned Jacksonville DUI attorney will help guide you in the best ways to protect your rights while aggressively fighting to have the DUI charges lessened or completely dropped. The lawyers of the Lonker Law Group are the Jacksonville DUI Attorneys on whom Jacksonville relies to avoid DUI convictions. Call today for your free DUI case evaluation.

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