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DUI Arraignment

DUI Arraignment in Jacksonville

The Arraignment is the first time you will return to the State of Florida Courts after your First Appearance. During this time the judge will formally read the charges against you and will ask how you wish to plea.

If you plea innocent, the judge will set a date for your trial. If you plea guilty, the judge will then sentence you. All State of Florida judges have a minimum and maximum range of punishments to which they can sentence individuals based on the crimes for which they are convicted. Based on your case the judge will determine the most appropriate punishment for your DUI conviction, should you choose to plea guilty at this time. However, as experienced Jacksonville DUI lawyers, we typically recommend you plea not guilty.

Due to the lifetime consequences and expense of a DUI conviction, it is highly recommended that you have an experienced Jacksonville DUI attorney with you providing legal guidance during both the First Appearance and the Arraignment.

Need a Jacksonville DUI lawyer to guide you through the first arraignment and the entire legal DUI process? Call The Lonker Law Group, Jacksonville DUI Attorney.

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