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8 Things to Know about the Ignition Interlock Device

8 Things to Know about the Ignition Interlock Device By Administrator1. August 2012 16:33 The ignition interlock device is a piece of equipment installed in your car which requires you to blow a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .05 or below for your car to start. If the ignition interlock device registers a BAC Read More

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How Accurate are Breathalyzer Tests? Not as Accurate As You Think!

The conventional way Jacksonville law enforcement measures blood alcohol content (BAC) level during a DUI stop is via a breathalyzer test. Many people charged with a DUI believe that measuring a BAC of .08 or over is a guarantee of a DUI conviction. As BAC is data the State of Florida can use against you, Read More

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Arrested for a DUI? 4 Ways to Avoid DUI Conviction

People in Jacksonville and throughout Florida, often make the mistake of thinking that because they were arrested for a DUI, they will be convicted of a DUI. However, having the right information when you are initially pulled over for a DUI, coupled with the right Jacksonville DUI attorney, can create a very strong possibility for Read More

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