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How Many Jurors Understand Their Role In DUI Cases?

Jurors have the responsibility of judging the facts in a criminal DUI case in Jacksonville, Florida and in any state. But how many jurors actually understand their role in the court room? Should jurors be allowed to make decisions regarding complex legal issues? Most of you reading this article have probably been summonsed for jury Read More

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8 Things to Know about the Ignition Interlock Device

8 Things to Know about the Ignition Interlock Device By Administrator1. August 2012 16:33 The ignition interlock device is a piece of equipment installed in your car which requires you to blow a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .05 or below for your car to start. If the ignition interlock device registers a BAC Read More

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How Accurate are Breathalyzer Tests? Not as Accurate As You Think!

The conventional way Jacksonville law enforcement measures blood alcohol content (BAC) level during a DUI stop is via a breathalyzer test. Many people charged with a DUI believe that measuring a BAC of .08 or over is a guarantee of a DUI conviction. As BAC is data the State of Florida can use against you, Read More

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Top 4 Mistakes Made When Pulled Over for a DUI in Jacksonville

Being pulled over for a DUI in Jacksonville, or anywhere, can be a very frightening and disconcerting experience. As the leading Jacksonville DUI lawyer, I want to make sure you are aware of your rights in this situation. Below are four mistakes people make if they are pulled over for a DUI in Florida. 1. Read More

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