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Is Disney’s Park administration to blame?

On June 14th a boy was killed by an alligator within a Disney park here in Florida and Disney may face legal trouble because of it. The family could sue Disney using an accusation of negligence or a more serious charge of gross negligence if they can prove that Disney was aware of the presence of the alligators in the pond but did nothing to inform park goers. They may be able to land the gross negligence charge because Disney did take the effort to put up “no swimming” signs, but chose to not include the presence of the alligator in the water. Which would mean that they not only didn’t provide notice of the alligator presence but actually deliberately chose not to disclose it. On the other side of the argument, Disney may be able to say that if the kid, or by extension the parents, had followed the no swimming sign, that the child would have not been in the presence of the alligator.

So it may just be the child and parents fault by ignoring posted signs around the water which then lead to the death of their son. If they ignored the no swimming signs who is to say that the extra ‘caution alligator’ underneath would have deterred them since they have no issue ignoring other warnings. Only through further investigation will they learn if Disney can be held liable for the death of the child.

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