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Legal Booster Peter Thiel and Lawsuit Financing

As many know sports teams have boosters, rich alumni and fans who donate money to their favorite team in hopes that it will promise success. Billionaire co-founder of PayPal Peter Thiel just did the same thing, but instead of a sports team he donated money to help former wrestler Hulk Hogan’s law suit against Gawker Media. The story itself is one full of scandal and intrigue but here we aim to look at the idea of outside funding of law suits. The idea that a presence outside of a law suit can donate money to one side to help pay legal fees in an attempt to increase their ability to win can be a scary one. However this idea isn’t really a new one, there are loan companies all around the country which specialize in providing funding for people to finance their lawsuits. So even the average person can fight for the justice they deserve, there is hope for the “little guy” fighting against large entities. Legal financing is most commonly used in personal injury cases because if you are put out of work due to an accident and don’t have the money up front, they will front the cost of the litigation for a percent of the earnings you receive. Workers’ compensation cases are also commonly funded by these types of third party lenders for similar reasons as personal injury cases. You also owe them nothing until after a verdict is reached, which allows the money to be spent to pay your rent as well the lawyers or whatever other needs you have during the trial time. So there should never be any fear that an entity is too large for you to seek justice for, there is always a way!

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