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How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce In Florida?

As a Jacksonville divorce lawyer, many of my clients’ main question entails, “how long will it take to get me fully divorced?” The answer to that question is usually, “it depends.” Many factors go into divorce in Florida, and those factors will help to determine the length each case may take. A simple divorce in Florida with no children, no property, no marital home, no assets, no liabilities, no anything can be accomplished in about one month if each party is in agreement. The other scenarios take much longer.

A divorce in Florida with children could take anywhere from six months to two years, depending on if the case is going to be fully contested and an all out battle is going to ensue. The best advice on how long it will take you to get divorced in Florida is to contact a Florida divorce lawyer for a consultation. We can get a better understanding of the complexities of the issues in the case and let you know then what the time frame for your case may be. Please call us at 904-868-LONKER (5665), Florida divorce lawyers, to consult about your possible case and to answer any question you may have including the length of the divorce process.

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