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Effects of Injunction or Restraining Orders in Florida

So many people use Injunctions For Protection Against Domestic Violence or Repeat Violence for all of the wrong purposes in Jacksonville Divorce or Family Law Courts. Many times, a party will try to use the restraining order, a.k.a. Injunction For Protection Against Domestic Violence, to get one party out of the house or to gain a leg up in a divorce proceeding. However, the legal standard for actually getting the injunction or restraining order granted is that the party filing for the injunction, has to be in “reasonable fear” that he or she is in “imminent danger” of becoming a victim of domestic violence or violence or stalking if the other party is not restrained by the court. The key phrases are “reasonable fear” and “imminent danger.

” Both of these standards must be shown by testimony in court before an injunction can be granted. Many people do not hire a domestic violence attorney or Jacksonville family law lawyer to fight for or against an injunction in court because they think the injunction has no real consequence and they don’t care about being around the other person anyway so why fight it? That is a huge mistake. When an injunction is placed against you, it has federal consequences such as not being able to own or carry any weapons. So, if you are a police officer or in the military or require a weapons permit for your job and an injunction is issued against you, you will not be allowed to carry your gun or weapon even for your job. Many times, people end up losing their jobs over the injunction. Also, if you own guns just to go out with your friends and family for hunting, having an injunction issued against you will stop your ability to enjoy any hunting as you will to be able to possess any weapons even if used for hunting. Please call a Jacksonville injunction attorney or Jackson

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