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Crimson Tide Players Don’t Show Crimson Pride

Four Alabama Crimson Tide football players have been arrested on charges of robbery. As a Jacksonville criminal attorney, I represent defendants charged with the crime of robbery and burglary on a consistent basis. Sad, but true. In most of the cases, the defendants are young people in their teens and most of the time, the crime is committed during the day when most people are at work.

After representing defendants in these areas of criminal law, my experience has shown me that most of the time need creates crime. When opportunity meets need, crime occurs. In these times of such economic distress and of rampant drug abuse, need is abundant.
The best way to crime proof your home is to invest in an alarm service or if it is too expensive right now in this economy, some places will allow you to place the alarm service placard in your yard to thwart any attempts of unwanted intruders into your home. Many times the intruders are simply young children going along for the ride with some of their friends. These children do not know the old saying that you are who you hang with. As such, they are charged as a principle in the crime, even if they did not even get out of the car and enter into the target home. If you or someone you love has been arrested on any crime or charge, please call the Lonker Law Group for the aggressive representation you need and deserve.

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