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4 Things You MUST Know About DUIs in Jacksonville

Understanding what to do when you get a DUI can be confusing and complicated. Ensuring you get the best possible outcome after receiving a DUI begins by knowing what to do the moment you get pulled over by law enforcement and then every moment thereafter. The Lonker Law Group, Jacksonville’s DUI law firm, wants to make sure you understand your rights. Below are four things to know when you are arrested for a DUI in Jacksonville.

1. When you will be released and when you should hire a Jacksonville DUI lawyer

If you are arrested, you will not be released from police custody until you have your first appearance before a judge. This appearance will be the morning following your arrest. During this time the judge will set a date for your arraignment. The arraignment is when you will be read all charges against you. To ensure the best possible outcome for your case it is highly recommended to have your DUI attorney present at this first appearance.

2. What to know about making phone calls while in police custody

While you are in police custody you are able to make phone calls. You should contact a reputable Jacksonville DUI attorney, and they will meet you at the police facility or in court on the next morning at your first appearance hearing before a Judge. It is important to know that all phone calls made while you are in custody are recorded and can be used against you. For this reason it is recommended that you wait to explain the details of your case until you are speaking with your DUI attorney in person.

3. The process of being released from Jacksonville police custody after a DUI arrest

During the first appearance you will either be released, or the court will issue a bond you must pay to be released. The amount of the bond is determined on a number of factors including reviewing your prior record and perceived flight risk. If you do not have the total bond amount available, you can work with a bail bonds company which typically requires you to give the company 10% of total bond payment. The bail bonds company will cover the rest. You will not be refunded your 10% payment.

4. What will happen after you are released from Jacksonville police custody

After you are released, your next court date will be for your arraignment. During the arraignment you be formally charged and enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. A good Jacksonville DUI lawyer will provide you the legal guidance in determining what plea to enter to best position yourself during subsequent legal proceedings.

After your arraignment, your DUI attorney will negotiate with the prosecutor, interview witnesses, take depositions and participate in the discovery process. Depending on the nature of the case, you will either reach a plea agreement, go to trial or the case will be dropped.

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