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4 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make During Divorce in Jacksonville

Going through a divorce can be a very emotional and uncertain time. Being backed with the right knowledge and obtaining the right divorce lawyer is tantamount in obtaining your desired outcome from the divorce process.

As a seasoned Jacksonville divorce attorney, I have seen people make a lot of unfortunate and preventable mistakes in the divorce process. These mistakes only add to the frustration and complications which can arise during the divorce process. The top four mistakes people make (and you should avoid making) are as follows:

1. Keeping the children away from their parent

When children are involved in a divorce, the Florida Courts primary concern is what is the best course of action for the children or more specifically, the best interests of the children. The Florida Courts look at the behavior of both parents during the divorce proceeding as part of what they use to determine the best home situation for the child or children. If one spouse is not allowing another to see and spend time with the child or children, the Florida Courts will not rule favorably for the spouse withholding visitation which is now called “timesharing” in Florida.

2. Disparaging the other parent in front of the children

Similar to the negative impacts of keeping the child or children away from the other parent, the Florida Court system views negative comments about the other parent in front of the child or children as significant information in determining who gets majority timesharing of the child or children.

3. Not being educated on your finances

Knowing where you have money and proof of having this money is critical in ensuring you receive what is just in your case. If you are not aware of all accounts, debts, investments, retirement accounts, housing, etc., you are at risk of not receiving your portion of this income.

4. Not getting a lawyer when your spouse has hired one

If your spouse has hired a lawyer but you have not, your spouse has someone who has the experience to know and to fight for what they are entitled to. If you do not have someone who is doing the same for you, you are putting yourself in significant risk.

The right Jacksonville divorce attorney can significantly help during this very difficult time. Call the divorce attorney Jacksonville, Florida knows and trust for a free case evaluation, today!

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